Agricultural Systems

Emerging responses to the COVID-19 crisis from family farming and the agroecology movement in Latin America – A rediscovery of food, farmers and collective action.



In Latin America, the so-called informal sector associated with family farming and the agroecology movements were instrumental at coping with and adapting to the COVID-19 challenges.


To assess the nature and extent of the early initiatives (first three months) deployed by this informal sector to cope with and adapt to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on food production and consumption in several countries of the region.


We used key used informant consultation (n = 168), an online survey (n = 125) and the detailed characterisation of regional case studies (n = 4). Textual data was analysed and categorised using Reinert’s method, combined with similarity analysis.

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Interdisciplinary researcher and scholar with professional experience in agricultural and food systems and gender. For the past ten years, I have worked in different contexts of Latin America, Africa and South East Asia. Converse fluently in Spanish, at an intermediate level in Portuguese and Italian, and at a basic level in French.

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