FINCA-Ayacucho | Peru

“do everything with love“ This video summarizes the approach and experiences of a small microfinance organization, FINCA Peru, in its support to women’s empowerment. By strengthening women’s individual and collective capacities, they have been able to overcome the struggles and challenges they faced during the violent era of terror in Ayacucho in the late 1990s.Continue reading “FINCA-Ayacucho | Peru”

Celebrating women’s day: reflections

I have come to this reflection after Friday’s celebrations. What does it really mean to celebrate women?. Specially those who are still working in the fields to subsist and are not included in the social, political and economic processes of societies and countries.Women in rural areas are in charge of the fields, families and evenContinue reading “Celebrating women’s day: reflections”

How gender transformative approaches in agriculture inspire change for women?

I come from Peru, I am Canadian by love and choice and now I live and work in Malaysia. I have been engaged with poor and excluded women and agriculture most of my life. I have witnessed the progression of women’s rights activism, practice, and research in developing and developed countries. I have been partContinue reading “How gender transformative approaches in agriculture inspire change for women?”