Silvia Sarapura

Silvia is an interdisciplinary academic and researcher with specialization in agricultural systems, gender research and capacity development. Her experience includes gender research, teaching, facilitation, multi-stakeholder support, project monitoring and evaluation, participatory action research, organizational development, capacity development for research. She has worked in South East Asia, Sub-Sahara Africa and South America, as she is very familiar with contextual realities.

Silvia is Peruvian-Canadian and she has a BSc and Engineering Degree in Agronomy. After emigrating to Canada she completed her postgraduate studies in the University of Guelph, Canada. She holds a MSc in Capacity Development and Extension and a PhD in the Interdisciplinary Program of Rural Studies. She completed a two year Post Doctoral Fellowship with the CGIAR, WorldFish Center .

Silvia is married and has two children. Silvia enjoys music, gardening, reading and cooking.

Silvia Sarapura Bio

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