Designed, implemented, monitored and evaluated applied research projects in agricultural development in climate change, nutrition and seed systems Out scaling a citizen science approach, Ethiopia and Uganda, Improving the productivity of forage systems, Afghanistan, Upscaling of biofortified crop varieties, Guatemala, Integrated Seed Sector Development – Africa).

Designed and planned course development and capacity strengthening in agricultural research for development African Women in Agricultural Research for Development, Strengthening the seed sector knowledge and skills, Burundi, Capacity Strengthening of Nespresso’s agronomists as catalysts of gender transformative change, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Brazil.

Managed, implemented, monitored and evaluated large-scale, complex and multidisciplinary educational programmes for agricultural research for development (R4D) (Integrated seed systems of the Zambezi Valley, Mozambique, Gender in Integrated Water Resources Management, Mozambique, Developing the gender policy, strategy and action plans for the Dutch Embassy Program in Mozambique.

Evaluated multidisciplinary and complex programmes in agricultural Research for Development (AR4D) (Gender Synthesis of the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund – IDRC, Engaging youth in the Accelerated Value Chain Development program of potatoes, sweet potatoes, dairy, livestock and legumes, Kenya

Influenced planning and policy development (The gender transformative approach with Nespresso agronomists, Gender capacity development in agricultural research for development, Gender-transformative approaches in agricultural R4D, the ISSD Africa Platform).

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